Friday, January 27, 2012


                                                    At Christmas time,
              on my way back from West Virginia ,
                    I happened upon this sight.

I think they are "Black Buzzards".

 They just stand with  their  wings spread..
                     an ominous sight to be sure..

When I first approached them,
they were  sitting in the brush with wings spread.

 There's a very mysterious bird story surrounding the Black Vultures of Gettysburg.
For over 100 years
 more than 900 Black and Turkey Vultures have gathered among the canyons of the Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania.
 The story goes that the first birds appeared on 
 July 1, 1863.
This was the final day in a battle which saw 50,000 men and thousands of horses die.
The men were buried, but the corpses of the horses were left lying on the battlefield.
 The vultures dined in style. They may even have stayed all winter and scavenged on the frozen carcasses.
 Twelve months later the vultures returned, something they do to this very day.....
(Upon further research, they are
American Black Vultures.)


Beverly said...

Great post!!! I never knew about that...would love to go and see if it is true!!

missy max said...

I'm game..get