Wednesday, February 1, 2012


                          Oops!!! They're vultures...not buzzards.

As I was looking thru my kitchen window this morning,
I noticed that the sky was full of these...
Black Vultures !!!
They're haunting me.
They soar very high taking advantage of
thermals and wind currents.
I think their wing span must be five feet.

There must have been a dozen of them..
They are very conspicuous in flight
with their black and white tipped wings.

After hanging out for about an hour
they headed South..(to Gettysburg?)

Our resident Red Tailed Hawk was dwarfed
by them.

The ducks were no where to be seen.

Mr and Mrs Mockingbird didn't even look up.
They kept busy stealing my berries.

Max was busy admiring the flowers
that were thoughtfully given to me last week..
Thanks Bev...

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