Wednesday, February 15, 2012


                           Recently, I moved Max's food into              
                       the guestroom bathtub.
     He seems to have trouble making the leap
    to the bathroom counter top.

This seems to have provided Mollie
with another opportunity to lie in wait.

Never misses the chance to pounce..

The basement stairs...a favorite.
She sometimes sleeps on the landing.

"Is she still there?? Can I make it?"

"Thanks for running interference, Mom."

In spite of everything,
Max is always at the door when we
come back from our walks.

"I feel safe when you're here."
He's big but he's also very furry..He and Mollie weigh the same..


Beverly said...

It's funny....although Mollie drives him crazy, I am sure he cannot imagine life without her!

missy max said...

One can only hope...