Monday, February 13, 2012


There has been a lot of Mallard activity
in the creek lately..

Lot's of chasing and splashing...

I wasn't sure what this was at first...

To the naked eye, he looked like a big rock, 
but it was a new rock.
Where did it come from?

Ah!! It's our resident Great Blue Heron..
He stole my fish several years ago.
I'm sure it was him..
They strike VERY early in the morning.

They make me shiver...
I guess "Quackers" is among them..
See you in the spring...

Happy Valentines Day



Beverly said...

It won't be long until you have baby quackers in your pond once again!!

Jody said...

Loved seeing the snow up there. Looks like the mallards like their baths cold!