Friday, February 10, 2012


Late Wednesday morning,
it started to snow.
It was lovely..big, fluffy flakes.

They stuck to everything like powdered sugar
or cotton balls...

Light and fluffy... with a very visible texture.

 Jim isn't waving..
That's a "Don't take my picture".. hand.

Mollie gets in to it , body and soul..

She has learned over her long life of four winters,
that walking is much easier if you stay in the tracks.


There were four of these that found the kitchen sink
when we got inside..

This tree could be heard a block away
this morning.
The black spots are birds.
Because of the lighting, I couldn't tell what they were...just very noisy.
(Too small to Starlings.)

Truly a winter wonderland..

Baily was out enjoying the snow as well.

A day isn't complete without some
head butts from Sparky.. 

Mollie adores him..He is very handsome..


  As I write this,
the trees have lost most of their snow.

An update on the bird situation...

New birds...
I read yesterday that they were nesting now.
I'm not sure in what part of the country that is.
Enjoy your weekend...Brrrr..


Jody in Georgia said...

Gorgeous! Wish we'd get a little of that white stuff here in Georgia! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the snow and all the furkids!

Anonymous said...

pretty snow.....and cute fur balls.
I bet March will bring us snow when we get home!. Ann

Anonymous said...

Amanda Frankeny Great pictures and story, Missy!

Anonymous said...

Margarita Lannon You are right, I love it too.