Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Spring is beginning to make an appearance.

Crocus in full bloom.
It's even early for them.

It hasn't been cold enough to kill them this winter.
I'm glad these aren't in my yard.


Tulips taking a peek.


A passing rain shower...
The sky still looks wintery.


Moth balls as a vole deterrent...
Hope they help.


I would hate to lose this tree
because those little critters ate its roots.
Years ago, I lost the one that draped in to my pond.

Several years ago,
someone planted ,what I think is watercress,
in the stream.
It has taken over the whole waterway.
This is also supposed to die off over the winter
but is obviously thriving..
I think it makes swimming difficult for the ducks.
This is the first year it has gotten this far.
I'm afraid it's here to stay.


1 comment:

Beverly said...

You should try eating the watercress....watercress salad with duck poop dressing!!!