Monday, February 20, 2012


One day last week,
Mollie and I headed for the hills.




No Mollie, we're not there yet.

Looks like a winter landscape...
It will soon be green with the onset of Spring.

Here and there are pretty farms
dotting the countryside.

Love this barn..

I never noticed the cow on the side of this barn
until I took this picture.

Upon arrival at the farm one sees 
a lovely pond with it's resident ducks. 
   To the left one can see the barn and dry lot.

                      Hmmm... Which way shall we go Mollie ??

She begged to go see the chickens...

Sorry Mollie, roosters will have to do.

Once inside , 
it was evident that there was a project
in progress.

Ta Da..
It's nice to see two very capable people
 work together amicably...
(There was a brief sticking out of tongues
 at each other...)

After a nice lunch and some errands in town,
we headed back to "the flat lands",
stopping at the barn on the way out.

The garden is anxiously awaiting new seeds.

Moonbeam has the day off.

Donnie Brasco in his winter coat.

Handsome rooster..

Here come the turkeys , Leo..

Such handsome birds...

Who knew that chickens sat in trees??

No visit is complete without seeing the "piglets".

I'm thinking that
they're too big to be called "piglets" anymore.

Until next time...
Thanks for your hospitality.

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Beverly said...

Looks like a good day! Thanks for the visit....and by the way...that's Leo (I won't tell him you called him a girl!!)