Monday, February 27, 2012


Winter can find me at a loss for something to do.
So, I spend time doing things that 
I don't have as much time for in the summer.

Stamping (Greeting card creating).
Replenishing my supply.

I'm making a cross stitch sampler
for a wedding gift.
I have to limit the time I work on it..
My hands, arms and eyes
 aren't what they used to be.

I spend way too much time playing 
Words With Friends.
It's fun though.

I've even found time to read which, if you know me,
is a rarity.
I love reading on my Kindle.

Then there is my laptop which takes up 
hours of my time every day..
Sounds like I'm doing a lot of sitting.

Not to worry..Mollie gets me out and about.
She's good at that..thankfully.

Can't forget Mr Max..
I hope you are all enjoying this winter as well. 
P.S...I saw a robin yesterday..


Beverly said...

Ooohhh....I was wondering if we'd be seeing robins soon! Spring is on its way for sure. Love the cards!!

Jody said...

You're a busy lady in your "spare" time! Am glad Mollie handles her job of helping you get your exercise!