Monday, March 5, 2012


It has been said
that the robin is the harbinger of spring.

Well, I guess it must be spring 
because, they are all over the place.

Lot's of these around as well.
They will be well fed.

It's official !!
The quintessential early bird, American Robins are common sights on lawns across North America, where you often see them tugging earthworms out of the ground. Robins are popular birds for their warm orange breast, cheery song, and early appearance at the end of winter. Though they’re familiar town and city birds, American Robins are at home in wilder areas, too, including mountain forests and Alaskan wilderness.
American Robins are gray-brown birds with warm orange underparts and dark heads. In flight, a white patch on the lower belly and under the tail can be conspicuous. Compared with males, females have paler heads that contrast less with the gray back.
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Look who else is back....

 Mr and Mrs...

 Quackers !!
Welcome home..
(she's in the garden)
Maybe they're the harbingers of spring!!
They've been doing a lot of flyovers the past two days.
I took the net off of the pond.
I'm sure they'll be in it before long.
Most of the other Mallards are elsewhere for now.

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