Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I think that by the time April gets here
we won't need April showers for May flowers
for they are already here.

We finally had a much needed shower the other day .
It was only a quarter of an inch but
enough to fill the rain barrels.
We are reportedly down an inch and a half.
Not a good way to start the season.

The rain helped pop all the buds that are so early
this year..Easter flowers..

This one took's in the shade.


 Pear Trees

The Pear trees are beautiful 
but they smell pretty awful.


and Weeping Willows..
all bursting forth with beautiful color.
It is a beautiful time of year even though it's early. 

 The neighborhood is busy planting, feeding
and generally
getting rid of any remaining signs of winter.

The pollen, weeds and bugs are plentiful as well.
I guess they all go hand in hand.
Happy Spring everyone. 
Since I wrote this, we have had plenty of rain
and I finally broke down and mowed.
The daffodils are done.

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