Monday, March 19, 2012


I learned where the expression "pig headed"
 comes from...

It was a little cooler today 
so the pigs were left in their stall
 under their heat lamp a little longer than usual...
Yes, they have heat lamps too..

When it was time to take them out,
 it was also time for them to eat
and they weren't budging. 
"What do you mean we're going outside?
We're hungry! "

No amount of tugging,
gentle prodding or cajoling was going to get
them to go anywhere but to their dishes.
I never heard such squealing and snorting .
I wish I had taped this process.
They sounded as if they were being beaten 
and not just being deprived of their food.

They won..we gave in..
and they wouldn't budge until their food was all gone.

Still required a bit of tugging...

Once they start to move, 
they're not easy to keep up with.

This is just a few months ago when they were "piglets".

Home again...pretty periwinkle.

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