Friday, March 30, 2012


Spring brings critters that have been elsewhere
all winter.

 Same frog..same rock...different days.
He just sits there for hours (8-10) on end.
No sleeping, eating or elimination!

Maybe he's be-smitten...

Could it be true love???

Warm and sunny today...he stayed under the rocks.

Some are more welcome than others...
I'm not a Canada Goose fan.

There seem to be less Mallards around 
when they're here.

Except for the ever faithful Quackers...

Taking a break from her nesting duties...

Mollie Lollie
Always supervising....
or hunting !!

Quackers isn't the least bit intimidated..


1 comment:

Lynne said...

Great critter post . . .
How did you find out that frog was pregnant . .