Wednesday, April 4, 2012


For several years,
I have seen a pair of muskrats in our little
inlet  in the wetlands.
They are very illusive so I have not
had any luck catching them with my camera.
I was looking out of my living room window 
yesterday afternoon and saw movement
that I didn't think was duck activity.

In the bottom, center of this picture 
you'll see a dark spot.
It's a muskrat.
You can see the ripples in the water.

This is the pair..
(believe it or not). 

Same view..moments later..only one visible..
(Sorry for the picture quality)
I think the camera saw them better than I did.

Just in case there's any doubt,
 this is that area with no muskrats.
Better picture but I really had to hustle
to get the others.

Maybe by the time I post this,
I'll be able to get a clear shot..
Haven't seen them again...

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