Monday, April 30, 2012


Two weekends ago we were treated
to a much needed rain, we had been very dry.
There were warnings about brush and forest fires.


Saturday and Sunday put those fears to rest.
We had three inches of welcome rain
 and are to get a little more this weekend.

It was spread out over three days so no fear of flooding.

Monday afternoon there were occasional
breaks in the clouds.

It drizzled on and off all day leaving dry times
for walks.

Mollie has her favorite "stick yards".

The owner of this one actually saves these sticks
 in his garage  and gives them to her .
She prances like she has a big prize, chews them up
and spits them out.

This past week promised to be uneventful...

Ophthalmology appointment...




 Planted my geraniums...

With a little , very little, help....


"Can I play too?"


I ended the week with lunches 
with neighbors and friends.


That's it folks...
Weekends are spent cleaning, washing, ironing and just plain catching up...


Beverly said...

All the threats of rain...and not a single drop! We need it badly!! Hope this week is exciting!


Jody in Georgia said...

Glad y'all got some rain. We could use some down here in GA. Sounds like you had a good week....hope this one is equally good. Loved the pix of "Max Behind Glass"!

Anonymous said...

Eileen Smith Yard looks great