Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Each year,
 I look forward to the arrival of springs' birds
as they mix with the "old faithfuls".

This bluebird spent a lot of the day
 pecking at this planter.
I have to wonder what was so good.
Maybe I'm missing something.

The mockingbirds have been around all winter.

Cute little Wren

The finches are turning yellow.
They've been gone all winter.

Mr and Mrs Cardinal
This pair has been here several years.

This guy was blamed for 
the disappearance of the ducklings.

A Coopers Hawk

I think this is some kind of Thrush.

Some times they just stop by for a drink..


It's pretty rare to see a squirrel around here.

Welcome back everyone!!
I enjoy watching your antics.


Jack said...

Great shots!

Anonymous said...

Karen Charpentier My Favorite Bird!! (wren)