Monday, April 2, 2012


This past weekend
Mollie and I took a road trip.

She rode shotgun as always...
We headed to West Virginia to see
my sister and her husband.

When we left,
it was a very gloomy, misty day.
I had my intermittent windshield wipers on
until we got to the Pa state line where I 
had to put on my sun glasses.

Route 81..
Not my favorite highway but it wasn't too bad
this weekend.

The Red bud or Judas tree, 
is West Virginia's state tree and
they couldn't have been more beautiful along the 

Because of traffic and nowhere to pull over,
I wasn't able to get pictures on my way to my sisters.

We arrived safely and made good time.

This is Joe's new water feature..
and outside relaxation area..
I would probably have a difficult time
 getting out of these chairs.

Ann was ready for Easter.
We went for a little ride after lunch 
to take some pictures.

Pretty country...

There are deer everywhere...

This is the view from the highest point 
in their community.

There is one spot where one can see four states.

A neighboring cherry? tree.

These guys are pretty tame..
not bothered by people or dogs.

This is along their road..
I thought it was pretty because of all the colors.

Ann and Joe wintered in Alabama this year.
They were located on on inlet
so Joe though he would try his hand at fishing.
I don't think he caught anything but
he's decided to raise night crawlers
 for next years bait...
They are buried in that dirt, eat veggies
 and no, I didn't see them.
They only come out late at night.

Joe, practical joker that he is, put this decal
on my car...
April fools !!!!

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