Friday, May 18, 2012


If I had a day made to order,
 it would be a day like today.
It was in the 50's this AM and never went over 65.
A little humidity.
I just had to be outside...
What to do??

I decided to make "trim and weed rounds".

I "trimmed up" my red maples so they weren't
hanging all over everything around them.

I cut the flowers off of the coral bells..
I really don't like the way they look.

Did some dead heading.

Weeded here and there..
Now what is there to do??
 All that only took about an hour.
Things could stand some power washing.

I don't do this every year..uses a lot of water.

But my, what a difference...

Robins favorite perch...

Much more inviting...

I did the bird bath too...
I never know when or where to stop..

So, the windows,siding and screens got cleaned.
There is no sun at the back of the house so
because of the dew, it mildews...

Much better..screens are are a little streaky.

Let's not get carried away...

I should probably do the front screens and siding.
 It really gets dirty from the road.
It's still a beautiful evening and we're to have
two more days just like today.
I hope yours are just as lovely.


Beverly said...

My, you are a whirling dervish! And things are looking squeaky clean!

Lynne said...

Love cleaning and sprucing things up . . . and the differences you have made are cleaned and spruced indeed . . .

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Are you close enought to run by my house? The eves on the second story are in real need of a good power wash! Enjoy your beautiful weather.
btw...I tried to respond to your comment but your blog is set on no reply blogger. Just wanted to say thanks for your kind comments. Patty

Jody said...

Goodness! Wish I had your energy! But you do inspire me to get outside and do a few things around here I've been wanting to do!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Beulah
Wow, I have a feeling you were tired. I did more mulching today and planted a dogwood seedling and rose of sharon from my daughter.

Kelly said...

You certainly made good use of the beautiful weather around your home! I like to do the same thing. It's like nature is calling you to go outside and stay awhile. That pressure washing really made a difference! We could use some of that at our house too. Wanna come over and do mine? I promise to give you lots of heat and humidity to make it pleasant for you. Ha! Good ole GA weather for ya. Spring and Fall is about the only time we can get outside and do stuff like that. Otherwise it's miserable outside. Hope you're having a great weekend and the weather is still holding up for you.

Kelly said...

By the way, I'm loving that picture from your "puppy of the day" on your sidebar. I have that same breed and that picture just makes me smile. They are so sweet when they're sleeping!!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I have always loved getting out the hose and washing off the deck, walkways, etc. But with our off-and-on drought conditions out here, I am always concerned about wasting water. If not for that, I could just be a washing fool.