Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Mollie and I were on one of our many afternoon walks
and checked out the little tributary
behind the old farmhouse upon whose land
this development was built.

There was Quackers and her ducklings.
They have necks now
 and look like miniature versions of their parents.
I think I counted eight .

Having Mollie with me, made them want to escape
into the safety of the wetlands' many hiding places.

Sorry for the picture quality but Mollie was pulling 
on one hand, camera in the other.
 I'm not all that steady under the best of circumstances. 

Now there are four !!!

Good Grief !!
They didn't ask me if they could have a sleep over.


Beverly said...

Well, I think it is time to resign yourself to having a Frog Pond!!! It's going to get rather noisy out there!! Ribbit!

Jody in Georgia said...

I am still LOL about your comment on a "sleep over"! Obviously, there is a "froggie aura" around your pond that is attractive to the frog population! So cute!

Kelly said...

You have captured some fun photos with all of that wildlife! My dog would be trying to get to them too. Ha!