Monday, May 14, 2012


I have been dragging my feet as far as the pond goes.

Sometimes taking the time to enjoy life
 is so much more important than checking 
one more project off our to do list!

I started the filter about six weeks ago 
but have been hesitant to do anything else
 due to this crazy weather and  "Quackers".

Yesterday I added some tropical water hyacinths.

 The local garden center is selling small plants 
that have to be re potted.
There's no way these wouldn't become pot bound
long before the summer is over.

I needed to re pot a water lily 
that had outgrown it's pot anyhow.

So I bought a pot and water gardening soil
which is what they want you to have to do.

I re potted the lily with a "food stick"
and put the other little plant in the lily's container. 

Now they're in their new home.

Ever vigilant...
I should name her...Franny frog ??
She didn't move until I 
placed the plants in the water. 


cherry said...

I think Fanny Frog is
Happy Monday !

Anonymous said...

good job...lota of work Ann

Jody in Georgia said...

Fanny Frog is the perfect touch to a lovely little pond! She adds the just the right detail to the scene!

thistlewoodfarm said...

Fanny Frog has a few relatives that live over by our pond :) Thanks for all the pond inspiration. I need to work on ours!


Anonymous said...

Eileen Smith...
Pond looks nice