Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The speed of development from bud to flower
is pretty amazing.
The last four pictures were taken
 over a four day period.

Voila !!

This is my neighbors Rhodie which,
because it's right across the street,
 I see it more than my own. 
There is a Rhododendron Society
that meets regularly and prides itself 
in protecting the breeding and genetics of the Rhododendron.
They are a world wide organization.

These are the Poppies that I planted last year
 that were supposed to match
 my old red ones that are called "Indian Chief".
These were obviously mismarked 
 but are pretty anyway and still have loads of buds.
The red ones bloom a little later and are breathtaking.


Beverly said...

I just love the color this time of year. You need to take a few thousand more of those bud to flower pictures and you can put them together for a time-lapse sequence!!! Just a little project for your spare time!!!

Lynne said...

Stunning photographs of intricate "Rhodies".

The first of my bright red poppies popped yesterday. Sadly, I will have to move them to a new spot because they are being shaded by a Burning Bush Shrub . . . I kind of like mixing and changing the plantings so out with the shovel I will go as soon as the current bloom come to an end.

What a fabulous season . . . I hope you will send more photographs of your flowers!

missy max said...

Beverly..What a great idea....I guess they'd have to be the same view..same distance, that's gonna happen..

bj said...

Well, these photos are just awesome! You sure do know how to use that camera of yours. :)
xo bj

Beverly said...

I actually was saying that "tongue in cheek!!" But if you ever have time.....a tripod is the way to go.

missy max said...

Bev....That could work.probably wouldn't take that much time once it was set up..just a click :)

Kelly said...

Love those poppies! I don't see any of those around my neck of the woods. They may not be conducive to my climate. Love the "rhodies" too. They look like azaleas and I am familiar with them. So pretty! Love how you were able to capture their growth like that.

Christina said...

I love seeing the variety of flowers that everyone has on each of their blogs; most are very different than we have in Ontario....many that wouldn't survive here, but it's nice to see all the different colours!