Wednesday, June 13, 2012


My friend and neighbor came for a visit
while taking a break from her packing chores.

She brought little Mack with her (of course).
He was born last fall.
We were beginning to wonder if she would ever go in to labor. 

When she was past due
she was riding around the neighborhood
 on her Vespa  trying to get things started.

When Mack found his voice, he never stopped..
You could hear him screaming all over the neighborhood...
He's a very happy baby and the screaming
 is a happy scream.

He waves his little arms in the air and just SCREAMS..
When Mollie heard him, she would make a beeline
to their house.

       Macks dad has a new job back home in Indiana.
He left last weekend and of course
mom has to do all the packing.
All this happened over a two week period.
In all fairness,
he came back three days before moving day
with his parents in tow to help..

I'll miss you little guy and your parents as well.
I was hoping to see you take your first steps.
Maybe I did..Shhhh.

I can't forget their yellow lab "Gruxi".
Goodbye Grux..take care of your family..

I wish you all the best of everything.
OMG..and the three cats too !!!


thistlewoodfarm said...

It is always hard when we see friends leave. I know you were such a blessing to them.

Have a wonderful day!

Beverly said...

Mack is adorable!!!

Kelly said...

Well he sure is a cutie! It's hard to see good neighbors leave. Hope you'll get some more good neighbors after they're gone and you can keep in touch with them.

Lynne said...

Oh my, happy for people moving on for life and living but tears for your missing those chubby red cheeks . . .