Monday, June 25, 2012


They're still out and about.
There's no sign of a second nest yet.
Five ducklings out of the original nine have survived.

"Oops, she caught us. We'd better scram."
(These two males were swimming in my pond)

               My neighbors were taking advantage 
           of a very windy day.

The first water lily of the season.

Flowers are so pretty this time of year.
No matter how hard I try,
I can't keep them looking like this all summer.

"Here I am Mollie, come get me!!" 

The mailman brought me a present.

It's a pillow from my cyber pal Patty
 at Lemon Lane Cottage.. 
It's so did she know my sofa colors??
Could it be more perfect??
Thanks Patty..

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Incidentally, if your blog needs tweaking, she would be the one to do it !! 


Beverly said...

Such beautiful flowers. Isn't it wonderful to get a surprise in the mail??

cherry said...

your flowers are beautiful.. I love the collage and that water lily is awesome.. Hope you are having a great week.. hugs, Cherry

Kelly said...

I am in the same boat regarding the flowers. They look good all at once, then one by one they start to fade. Not fair! That pillow is a perfect match for your sofa. That was very thoughtful of her to send that to you!