Friday, June 29, 2012



Max was paying an unusual amount
of attention to me this morning.


I didn't think too much about it at the time.

 Several hours later when I was cleaning, 
there he was again.

 Oops..his dish was empty...really empty.
Since I moved it to the tub in the guest bathroom,
I tend to forget about it.

I guess he doesn't like looking at
  his picture in the bottom of it.

Ah, that's much better...Thanks Mom.

( After he started to have a hard time jumping to the top of the vanity in my bathroom,
 I had to move his dish to the guest room tub so Mollie wouldn't get it.)

  I've been much happier, in fact, with much less than I have now.. Stuff is stuff.  It can never make you truly happy....

Have a wonderful weekend !! Stay cool :)


Lynne said...

and the say animals don't talk . . .

Patricia said...

Max's first photo looks like he's asking you to put that camera down.
He certainly doesn't look happy. Have a great weekend.

thistlewoodfarm said...

How sweet! he is definitely trying to tell you something in that picture!


Anonymous said...

i like the comment about others being happy with less than what we have.... Ann

Kelly said...

Love those quotes! The last one really is good to remember too. We should learn to be happy with what we have. Your kitty is so cute. Good idea to feed her there to keep her food seperate.