Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This past weekend Mollie and I headed to 
West Virginia to visit  Ann and Joe .

We spent the time just "hanging out" and eating.

 Joe has this "water feature" out front.
It had stones in the top of it which he removed
because the robins were using it as a bird bath.
He thought the turbulence of the water would be a deterrent.

What do you think???
I call it a "birdie bidet".
(Pardon the picture ..I had to take it through the window.)

When I took Mollie for a walk this baby deer was lying in the middle of the road..
At first, I thought it was hurt.
 When it saw us, it scampered off in to the woods, returning later following it's mother.
Apparently the Moms take them to some trees or shrubbery and leave them, coming back for them later in the day. This little guy just wasn't going to be left. She tried to leave him again and he followed after her..Then we lost track.  

Deer are everywhere and eat everything !!!
This is from the dining room window..

From the living room....

Mollie likes to play with Jazz and her toys.
She slept a lot on this visit..

When Jazz "goes for a walk", she usually takes one of her toys with her.
She always carries them the same way....
Feet to the left and head to the right..
They often get left in the woods.

We enjoyed ourselves..Thanks for having us !!


Lynne said...

I enjoyed your trip away . . . to the woods. Do they enjoy the deer as much as I just enjoyed seeing them?

Beverly said...

Great pictures. The blog looks great!!!

Patricia said...

Thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog last week. We had our grandson with us for an extended weekend and I'm just now catching up.

I love the photo of Jazz. Liberty looks a lot like her.

I look forward to keeping up with your posts and enjoyed your visit to Bee Haven Acres. I've followed her blog posts for quite a while now. How wonderful that you got to visit in person.

Take care, P.

Jody in Georgia said...

What a lovely place! Had to smile at the "birdie bidet"! I can't imagine having a home where the deer roam like that!

Kelly said...

Looks like they live on a very pretty property! I love how wooded it is. Of course, that would explain the deer they have. My mom lives on a wooded lot and has deer too. I love to watch them. Jazz with the toy in her mouth is gorgeous! I think that is so cute that she takes her toys with her on walks outside.

Anonymous said...

some good pictures of the wild life! The deer are all over the place and Jazz is a wreck during walks.....they don't even move!!