Monday, June 18, 2012


Yesterday I took a little ride to "the farm" known to
 many as Bee Haven Acres.
Being Sunday it was an easy traffic, and I even made almost all the traffic lights.
I wish I could have stopped along the Juniata to take some pictures.
It was a very clear day and there is some very pretty
scenery along the way.
When I got there, I was just in time for their traditional Sunday morning farm breakfast..
Lucky me!! 

 Omelets with lots of homegrown veggies,home made
strawberry-rhubarb jam, toast, a veggie mix of mushrooms, cauliflower, kale, tomatoes and other stuff :), toast, and home grown berries. A breakfast fit for a king (or a farmer).

 After breakfast, we busied ourselves washing and sorting eggs after which they were placed 
 in their cartons.

Bev whipped up a cake..Oops, no picture.

We ran out of labels so we just made some more.
Bee Haven Acres has it all !! 

 On the way home, I stopped at the barn for some photo ops.

 The potting shed has had a face lift.
Notice the stars hanging from the ceiling.
No corner of this property is forgotten.

Does your garden shed look like this??
So cute...

 Even the garden is lovely..neat..loved.

I love to visit the farm..
The animals were having their mid-day siesta.
Thanks B&J for your hospitality.



Beverly said...

Blog looks great....good job. The white at the top is no more than I have a little scrolly thing on your header that counts as part of the header and causes it to appear that you have more white on top...that's all.

Beulah said...

What a beautiful farm. No, my shed doesn't look like that. :) Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagin the hard work it takes to make the farm run so smoothly and look so beautiful;;;Ann