Friday, June 22, 2012


Goodness it's hot and humid !
I'm sitting here dripping. I hate that feeling.
( I just walked Mollie.)

At least she gets to wear an "ice collar".
The melting ice dripping down her chest seems to help keep her coolish.

 The Hydrangeas are a real barometer of the heat.
Tomorrow morning they will have perked up only to wilt again..They don't need water.

The bird bath has been busy today too.

One more day and back to normal (hopefully).
The weekend is to be back in the 80's and lower humidity...Yay.


Beverly said...

Thank goodness, because I look like your hydrangeas!!

Jody in Georgia said...

We're in the 90's here in Georgia, too, but not as hot as you're having. Am now a "dog mom", too...where did you get the ice collar? Loved the golden finch pix...I got so excited to see a pair of them on my feeder this week, tried to get a picture! They are so gorgeous!

Beulah said...

Did you ever think of getting an ice collar for yourself? :)

Kelly said...

Can you send some of that cooler weather you're expecting my way? It has been terrible here too. I've had to water our porch plants and vegetable garden daily. Wishing for rain and cooler temps. Love those pics of the colorful birds on your bird bath!