Friday, July 20, 2012


While Mollie and I were walking around the backyard,   we were being accosted by several Robins. 
Here's why....

This little guy was sitting on my neighbors fountain.

So we went over and sat quietly on my neighbors patio while Mom and Dad took turns feeding him.

They were still not happy that we were there.
I just didn't want him to fall in to the fountain.
Before long, he was gone..Who knows where?
I did see him jump down to the ground.
I hope that the Bullfrog that lives under that fountain didn't get him.
What a sobering thought.


Beverly said...

babies....they give us so much to worry about!

Kadee said...

Keep up with your photography! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of them~ the birds, the duck, the frogs and your babies! Wonderful!

thistlewoodfarm said...

Oh Missy....what beautiful photographs! I hope he was okay!


Anonymous said...

nice job on you basement..... ann

Robin said...

Missy, I bet he's okay. I bet he just flew off.

We had a little fledgling in our yard last spring. The lady at the SPCA said to just try to keep predators away. The mom bird kept flying in and feeding him. He was there for 2 days and kept flapping his wings to strengthen his muscles. You could see he was getting stronger by the minute.

Then he was there one minute and when we looked out the window a few minutes later, he was gone. Mom never came back, either, so we were sure he had just flown off!

Kelly said...

I love watching birds! I'm sure that was fun getting a chance to see him get fed like that. Since we were gone all week, my bird feeder was full of brightly colored birds. We figured out why we don't usually see them is because my dog chases them off. Well, he wasn't here all week and they got a break! Ha! Now, he's back and the birds are gone again.