Friday, July 6, 2012


Dear Max has allergies ? Kitty acne ?
I'm not sure we know what it is.

 He breaks out in small scabby lesions usually under his chin..
For those he is on prednisone every other day.
When it affects his eyes, I  increase the  dose and frequency of the steroids..

I'm not thrilled to have him on steroids but what choice do I have?? 
The times he needs increased dosing is becoming more frequent.

Then there is Miss Mollie..
She has an ear infection..Never complained.
I noticed dried blood in her ear.


Her groomer said she thought there may be fluid
off to the Vets and $100.00 later...
  (Not to be left out)

..Ear drops twice a day..

They are both easy to medicate,(unless Max needs eye drops), after all, I'm only one person.
Mollie's ear will soon be better,
Max's problem is for life, I'm afraid.
This started last year when he was ten!!


Recently we had a wonderful day of clouds, rain and low temperatures..63 degrees at 1:30.

I had all the windows in the house wide open.
You can see the breeze blowing the curtains.

Both of them love looking out in to the world and spend a  lot of their day doing just that.

I've been "playing" in Picmonkey..Love it.
I can see that posting is going to take a lot longer now.

Since I wrote this post, I had to take Max to the vets because the steroids just weren't enough. The other eye got involved after the one in the picture got better..Another $100.00 plus !!!
Guess I'd better post this before something else happens.
PS...July 4th..He's clean..Keep your fingers crossed.


Beverly said...

Oh need health insurance for those two!!

NanaDiana said...

I think you better put a "fund the vet" button on your blog here-tied into PayPal!;>) They sure can be expensive, can't they? But...what can you do? They are worth every penny! xo Diana

Claudia said...

Sorry to hear about these pesky illnesses!

By the way, you won the giveaway for the book. I posted about it yesterday, but you probably didn't see the post. Send me an email with your mailing address and I'll forward it on to TLC Book Tours.


Kelly said...

OMG! I hate to have pets with something wrong. They can't tell you what it is and you have to take them to the dr and pay so much money. then take care of them at home and hope it works. Usually then there is a follow-up appt involved. I've been there. It's so expensive and stressful. We love our pets and worry about their health because they can't reassure us how they're feeling. So sorry your pets have been sick. Glad to know they are getting better though.

Terri said...

Hello Missy Max,
I was looking for your tea cup post...did I miss it?

Thanks for signing up, let me know where your post is and I will link it up so we can come and see your tea cup.

Lewis Winter said...

I hope your animals are alright, Missy Max. My family has three cats and two dogs, and I know how tough this can be. Best wishes to them.

Jody in Georgia said...

Missy, am so sorry to hear about Max and Mollie's health issues! Thank goodness the brewers yeast is effective for my cats. Just acquired a stray dog - my first dog - who was missing half her fur due to a severe flea allergy. Have started her on the stuff, too. Many hundreds of dollars and 3 vet visits later, (another one Monday) she's doing well and her fur is finally growing back! Hope Mollie and Max recover quickly!

Beulah said...

Sorry about Max and Molly. Glad Max is better.