Friday, July 27, 2012


I am  a notorious tweak-er.
Having spent the last few evenings and last weekend sitting on my front porch, I saw a lot of my front yard.....or not.

 The Alberta Spruce on the corner was cute ten years ago when it was little but now I think it's out of proportion and is becoming difficult to trim. Most years it is a home to bees by the end of the summer.
It also tends to block Mollies view
when she's sitting in her chair :)

So, out it came.
I was amazed at it's small root system.


 Here's the redo! I like it much better..
I still have the privacy of the maple 
and Mollie can sit and watch the world go by.


Lynne said...

Best that Mollie has a great view! Improved "the look" tremendously!

NanaDiana said...

That took courage! I don't know if I would have dared to do it. It does look much more open now. I, too, am amazed that it looked that healthy with that small of a root ball! xo Diana

Anonymous said...

good change.ann

Kelly said...

I wonder if you could replant it elsewhere. If you're like me, you hate to throw out a perfectly good plant. I wonder if your dog knows just what you did for her! ha!

Beulah said...

You get the job done!!! Now I know why Molly sat on my lap in that chair. I was in her chair and she wanted to see out. :)

Anonymous said...

I won't be able to thank you fully for the articles on your web-site. I know you'd put a lot of time and energy into all of them and hope you know how much I appreciate it. I hope I could do the same for someone else sometime.

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

Yes, much improved! We have so much trouble with spider mites killing Alberta Spruces here...(as my nurseryman friend said, it's not "if" they'll infest the spruces, it's "when"...he told me they require preventative spraying here) ~ I had a couple of very pretty "topiary" ones in pots, and the mites ruined them before I even realized anything was wrong!

Brenda Kula said...

That one thing made a huge difference! Thanks for joining my party!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

We took out a fir tree too earlier this summer. It was over-whelming the other bushes around it so out it came. Also another fi, a low to the ground one, was spreading onto the sidewalk so we took it out and put in a hydrangea bush which I had always wanted. We may need to thin more bushes out next year. Your new plant looks wonderful!