Monday, July 16, 2012


I spent a lot of yesterday morning visiting blogs on
the 4th annual blog party  "Where Bloggers Create".
The focus was on "creative spaces". organized and neat...I have to wonder if they always look like that...(smile).
This got me thinking about a corner in my basement that isn't..organized and neat.
I thought I'd take Mollie out before I tackled the basement  so I could work nonstop.
When we went outside, it was cloudy and in the 80's. 

I've been putting off dead heading and cutting back my perennials because it's been just too hot.

So, why not??? I can always do the basement.

I've been waiting for the rest of these poppies to die back..I guess they're staying around..

Yuk..time for you to go..

 Very faded..begone!!

 Looks a lot better...

No work here...Yay

We are already 2 inches low for the year in precipitation.
So this little rain was more than welcome.

 It lasted long enough for me to get my camera and take the picture...Stopped by for a photo op!!
Every little bit helps I guess..


Lynne said...

We need one of those rain showers and then i will do some deadheading. Almost 100 is way too hot for me!

Beverly said...

We got a good inch and a quarter last night....thank goodness, I don't have to water today!! YAY!!! So, did you clean out the corner of the basement?????

Patricia said...

I love when working outdoors actually makes a difference that you can see and appreciate right away. Unlike some household chores, speaking of which... the dryer just buzzed. Got to go. Take care.

Lewis Winter said...

Do you take these pictures? They're quite pretty, and I especially adore the third one down, with the bench. Looks like a good spot to sit and read, provided it's dry and cool enough out.

-- Lewis.

Beulah said...

I thought I wouldn't water my Zuchini plants because it rained the other evening and this afternoon I looked at them and they were dry and leaning over. I quickly watered them. Hope they come back alright.

Anonymous said...

niced dried flowers! :-))
rain please! Ann