Friday, August 31, 2012


This area at the end of my driveway
between the street and the sidewalk has been driving me crazy. I'm sure there is nothing but stone under it.
It has been sodded , seeded, top soiled, etc. but after a great start in the spring, it never makes it through the summer so I have decided to brick in just that end.
Finding the bricks around here was quite an adventure. I was pretty sure that if I was creative enough, I would be able to find the amount that I needed.

I need to dismantle my "pond cabinet".
I no longer have fish in my pond so I don't need all this stuff..I can use the blocks under it to replace the bricks under one of my rain barrels.
(Robbing  Peter to pay Paul)

Of course, I had to empty the rain barrel to get to the bricks.

 After I took the cabinet apart,
 I had three piles..One trash, another was pond stuff that would go in the garage with other pond supplies to be disposed of at a later date.

 I still needed a few things for the pond.
Those things were placed in the box that my brother in law made for my filter.

There were a couple of towels in there  that I rinsed out and added to the filter box.

  It looks a lot better now without that cabinet.

I managed to find enough blocks and bricks to fill the space.

 They don't have to match and they'll be level.
The uneven end will be facing the remaining grass, like fingers in to the grass..
I hadn't gotten around to doing it when I put my
house on the market. My realtor said not to I didn't..Need any bricks?? 
"This N That" will be back next Wed.
Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend.


Lynne said...

Bet that project took longer than five minutes!

Beulah said...

When did you do all this? I loved the ending. :)

Cindy said...

Good luck with the sale of your home Missy!