Monday, August 6, 2012


I left my footies on the floor by my bed last night.
This morning there was only one.
After a little searching, (excuse the dust) ,I found it under my bureau.

As I took the time to look for it,
I had help from the probably guilty party.

 Could it have been....??

Mr. Max ???


 Now it's on it's way under the bed..

Love him !!!
He'll play "catch" with me..
If I throw the footie in the air, he bats it back at me.

I put them on my hand and dust with them
before I put them in the laundry.


Beverly said...

Now if you could just teach Max to dust with them while he plays!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Ah yes....the infamous missing sock situation. Yes, that has happened to me too, but not from a mischevious cat. Ha!

Patricia said...

Max is cute. He just wants to help right?

Jody in Georgia said...

Love that Max! He is very handsome. Would love to have seen him playing with that sock!!