Monday, August 13, 2012


 Several nights ago it looked like a war zone here.

The lightning was amazing..No thunder.

Unfortunately, my camera is slow and I missed many good shots. It's probably the settings that I know nothing about..I'm afraid to change things unless I know what I'm doing.

Any picture I did get was just dumb luck.

I took over 70 pictures!!
 The show lasted over an hour.

I gave up when the bugs found me..
I had been outside for 45 minutes.

I  love watching storms and fire.

We didn't get a drop of rain with all this..
I've often said that there is an umbrella over this area.
Have a wonderful week.


Beverly said...

Did you see the meteor shower Saturday night???? That would have been a good photo op! But we'd need to change those darned settings!!! Good catch on the lightening!!

NanaDiana said...

Great shots- You sound like ME with MY own camera- Yeah...NOT good to not know what I am doing! Too bad you didn't get any rain~ xo Diana

Jody in Georgia said...

Boy! after a light show like that, its hard to believe you didn't get any rain! Good photos!

Kelly said...

those are some great shots! I love a thunderstorm too. It is frustrating when a storm goes around you when you need rain though.

Patricia said...

We hate to see dry lightning. It usually means wild fires for us. We're surrounded by wildfires here in the north state. None close right now, but about an hour away. Our smoke filled valley is getting rather bad though.