Friday, August 3, 2012


I'm sure you are all aware of "no seeums"..those tiny little bugs that bite you at dusk...
Well, Mollie has  "no hearums".
Being super sensitive to and afraid of noises like fireworks, gunshots, skateboards or anything that sounds remotely like any of those things , 
she needs a place to hide.
I think that sometimes, she just senses things like impending thunderstorms.
 When they're over, she comes back upstairs.

Her first hiding place was under my husbands desk
 in the basement. She still uses it.

"Enough with the pictures already".

Recently, she started lying on an old carpet scrap in the unfinished part of the basement. I had her old puppy bed in the trunk of my car so I got it out , washed it and  Voila !!. It was the least I could do.

This is her most favorite..
In my closet under my clothes..
I don't know if she has particularly sensitive ears or if it's because her environment is normally pretty quiet.
She sometimes goes into the closet when I turn on the TV. 

Those of you who follow my blog may remember my blocking the access to the area below the stairs. None too soon it seems. I moved her bed...
She has been spending more and more time here lately. Maybe I shouldn't have made it so comfy.
They do seem to have amazing senses..She knows when there is a cat in the backyard when she's in the front of the house.
I'm glad she has a "safe place".


Patricia said...

She's cute. I think she'd rather be napping in a couple of photos.

NanaDiana said...

You are right- their senses are amazing. We had a cat that got "pinched" by lightening coming in through a window she was sitting in. She would puff up and fly under a bed the minute she heard any thunder- xo Diana

Kelly said...

She is such a sweet little girl. It's good that she has places to retreat to. My dog doesn't like any yelling. We don't yell much in the house, but every now and then it occurs and he will slink off and hide under a bed upstairs. We think he thinks he's getting the "heck out of dodge" just in case. Ha! At first I worried that as a puppy he had been mistreated (before we got him), but later read that it is common in his breed. If he ever goes missing in the house, someone will ask, did someone yell?! It's funny how in tune we get with our animals isn't it?

Anonymous said...

In a casual conversation with friends last night, our pastor mentioned we're born with only two fears...that of falling and that of sudden loud noises; the rest are learned. So, Mollie just goes with the flow and doesn't like loud noises! Neither do I!!

laurie said...

she is such a sweetie, they are very clever aren't they,
I want to thank you for coming via Nana Diana's blog, your kind words are much a appreciated, I have joined as a follower, I miss my dog so much, I will enjoy visiting you,

Anonymous said...

Stephanie..Awww Mollie is adorable!! I hate thunderstorms too - you can find me under the bed when one's passing lol x

Lynne said...

Have you heard about Thunder Shirts? Snickers is so afraid of thunder. She hid too. Someone told us about the shirts and she loves it. She lets me know when she senses a storm to put it on her. I will send you a blog, Misha, and she can tell you more. I thought you were the one I mentioned this to but maybe not.

Carol Slack said...

Kirby is OK with thunderstorms but barks at fireworks, motorcycles, trucks or school buses. He likes to notify us of anyone walking past the house even when we can't see or hear them. Even when dozing he too seems to sense when a cat or other animal is in the yard and will run to the door and bark persistently.