Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I was looking out of my kitchen window, 
(It seems that I do a lot of that), 
when I noticed that this bush had more than the usual variety of visitors.

Ordinarily, I would identify these butterflies, wasps and bees but I've spent the last half hour on this butterfly alone..Maybe it's a Moth.

I can't find this either...

I don't know the difference between a bumble bee and a honey bee..
 ( I know someone who does).

I occasionally see a honey bee...This isn't one.

I don't think I've ever seen a black Wasp.
 It probably isn't a wasp.

Something else seen from my kitchen window..

Blue Moon ???


laurie said...

thats a wonderful window,

Lynne said...

Great photos . . . Must be some good nectar on that bush. Is that a hydrangea variety?

Kelly said...

I think honey bees are small and smooth and bumble bees are fat and furry, aren't they? I don't know for sure without looking it up. But I gave it my best shot! Ha!

Stephanie said...

What stunning photographs, thanks for sharing :)

Beverly said...

Lovely butterflies. I have no idea what kind of wasps or bees they are....but I would stay away..they look quite menacing!

Beulah said...

What a beautiful butterfly!! I should try to take some pictures of them on my butterfly bush. I don't think I one as pretty as that.

Anonymous said...

grest butterfly shot....also the view of the wetlands from your driveway...
No more showing of house!! :-))