Friday, September 21, 2012


Meet "Big Mollie".

"Big Mollie" is probably "Little Mollies" BFF.
Don't tell Sparky, but I think he's been replaced.

"Big Mollie" is a mix..SOLID muscle and very sweet.

"Big Mollies" mom and I have to be really careful because they tend to get crazy and wound up in their leashes..We also have to be careful that "little Mollie" doesn't get hurt. "Big Mollie" has been known to lie or sit on her and "Little Mollie" just keeps coming back for more. 

"Gonna get cha".

"I has a secret and kisses".
(Or.."I'm gonna grab that ear!")

All played out..for now..
My Mollie has nipped "Big Mollies " ear and even bitten her one time when they got tied up and she couldn't get away..
Still buddies to the end..


Patricia said...

Awe, so sweet. One of the possible names for Liberty was going to be Molly, as in Good Golly Miss Molly.
Rick nixed that idea, but I still like it. Liberty right now is demanding attention while I'm trying to get some computer time. She's anxious for some play time, and so I must go. She loved the beach and was allowed off leash for awhile since we had an entire beach to ourselves at one point. I'll probably show a beach photo or two next week with Liberty included.
Take care and enjoy your weekend.
Are you packing boxes yet?

Kelly said...

It's nice for them to be able to play together even though they are on a leash. It's probably safer that way too! Ha! Funny how small dogs don't really know they're small around big dogs. Mine certainly exhibits that!