Friday, September 14, 2012


This is fortunately an infrequent visitor to my bird feeder.

I'm guessing that I'll soon have to replace this feeder.
He'll probably destroy it.

When my sister and her husband were here recently,
we had corn on the cob..Yum
Did you ever see an ear like this???


Anonymous said...

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Patricia said...

I haven't seen corn like that. I've seen corn growing multiple ears but they were each in their own husk.
The squirrels are fun to watch. Destructive little things though.

Lynne said...

Look at that leg of "the bird" hanging on . . . we have many of these birds visiting us too!

Beverly said...

It's a siamese twin, or maybe the corn version of a teratoma!! Funny!

Anonymous said...

The parasite earof corn is for the dieters!...Ann