Monday, October 1, 2012


Earlier this week Mollie and I went to WV to visit
Ann and Joe.
Ann was busy trying a new recipe for brisket.

It was easy and yummy. Thanks Ann.

We were there for the "Fall acorn drop".
We were being bombed with acorns from above.
It's amazing how much noise they make on the roof.

Mollie made herself a little bomb shelter.

Eventually, she got used to it.
She's very sensitive to sounds.
We had a good visit..too short.


Lynne said...

Love the sounds of the acorn drop . . . sorry Mollie thinks differently.

Patricia said...

Doesn't Molly look cute in her bomb shelter? This year we have very few acorns. Three years ago we were inundated with them. I don't know if that's normal. Anyway, have a wonderful new week.

Beverly said...

Poor Mollie...she needs doggie ear plugs!

thistlewoodfarm said...

I have never seen an acorn drop before. I love hearing rain on the maybe it's similar :)


Kelly said...

Gosh, you just made me realize that I haven't heard acorns falling like I did last year. Hmmm....wonder what that means? We have an oak tree right in front of my front porch that drops acorns by the hundreds! Guess I should be expecting some noise soon. Mollie is sweet covering her head. She probably thinks the sky is falling! Ha!

Anonymous said...

PS..I heard that if you have alot of acorns dropping then it is because you're going to have a bad winter and it's nature's way of providing for the squirrels. Probably not true! Last year, I recall having a TON and we had a VERY mild winter. So, who knows! Ha!

Anonymous said...

acorn "drop" .....more likely "acorn blitz" Ann

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I love the little bomb shelter. We have had quite a few acorns this year, but our only oak is far away from the house and the acorns fall on the ground. I used to have Wisteria when I lived in the Bay Area and remember the pods dropping onto the driveway, startling me each time.