Friday, October 5, 2012


This time of year when the mornings are dewy 
the cobwebs are very evident. Mollie and I saw many on our walk this AM.

 So complex.

I am always amazed at their dimension and intricacies.

 I love the way they are constructed with little rooms,
suites or apartments if you will.

 Some of them look like they should have elevators.

We came across this Clematis that refuses to believe that summer is over. It may be right..
It was 80 today.

Maybe if we make it look like fall, it will happen.


Beverly said...

Your lamppost looks lovely. Nature really knows how to decorate for Halloween!!!

Patricia said...

Those spiders are industrious for sure. I like the other kind of webs, you know like Charlotte's Web...

Jody in Georgia said...

Fascinating! I will never look at a spider web in the same way again!
Gorgeous photography!