Monday, November 12, 2012


It was a nice day so I thought I'd take Mollie out
and do some cleaning up.

 My garage was full of leaves as were my beds.

I had just finished the garage when the  "leaf guys"
started down my street.

They have quite a system..This man just walks back and forth across the street blowing the leaves ahead of him.

In doing this, he creates quite a dust storm and none of them wear masks !!!


In the mean time the others are blowing leaves into the street from flower beds in front and behind the cottages.

The mower is used to shove everything into a pile leaving everything behind them clean.

Then all the leaves are sucked up by a big vacuum into a truck.

These pictures were taken through my door that has one way glass in it.

I guess it has it's advantages  !!

PS  God bless our Veterans. We owe them so much.
Thank you.


Lynne said...

I think we need those leaf tenders over at my house! Could you please discuss that with "Mr. Shirtless?"

Beverly said...

Oh, you are so bad!!!

Kelly said...

That's pretty neat! I've never seen a community that cleans the streets like that. How wonderful! Looks like a nice place to live. And look at you....looking at him! Sneaky, sneaky. Ha!

Jody in Georgia said...

Hummm, my leaf crew doesn't look that least I don't think they do - I've never see them shirtless! I do have to admire the ingenuity of the leaf collection system! Great job!