Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas day was spent in Millerstown with my stepdaughter , her husband and family.


 "The kids."


After... (obviously) .

The dogs and the chickens get the leftovers.
These leftovers are nothing to sneeze at.

It was a good day spent with family.
Now the eating can STOP !!
( I had carrot cake for breakfast ).


NanaDiana said...

Carrot cake for breakfast? Sounds healthy to me-it has vegetables in it, right?;>) Sweet family shots- xo Diana

Kelly said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas gathering! I know what you mean about the "sweets" at Christmas time. January can't come fast enough!

Lynne said...

Family . . . Christmas, the holidays . . . bring us together.
Good times, great memories . . . happy dogs with food treats!

Jody in Georgia said...

It was like enjoying Christmas Day all over again....I enjoyed "my visit"! Thanks!

Beulah said...

A beautiful Christmas!!

Beverly said...

It's time for the carrot cake to leave....nasty stuff tempting me like that all the time!!! We enjoyed your glad the snow didn't stop you!