Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I am fortunate in that I have two places to be for Christmas. 
(better than having no place to go??)
West Virginia is my first stop to visit my sister
 and her husband .

 This is Joe's Charlie Brown tree..

Don' you think this would make
 a cute Christmas card?

 Each year we pass this snow globe back and forth.
This time it was Ann's time to give it so she brought it up to my house this fall so it could go to auction with the other stuff and we'd be rid of it.
But I rescued it !!!

It's baaack!!

 She has the prettiest hands..
(teachers hands vs nurses hands)?

"What ?? It's time to open my present??"

"What ever could it be?"

 " This Christmas stuff is fun."

 " I guess I'll share with Jazz".

Silly ears...

It started to snow after I got home but it's supposed to stop in time for leg two of my Christmas...
I hope you all had a safe and Merry Christmas.

The snowplows ran up and down this stree
FOUR times five minutes after I took this picture.


Lynne said...

I am happy you rescued the snow globe. The smiles and giggles would have been missed!

I am missing snow very much . . . greener this year than last. We may have to take off for snow country!

Safe travels Missy . . .

Jody in Georgia said...

The tale of the snow globe left me giggling....I'm sure its reappearance was full of laughter, too! Also had to smile at Charlie Brown's tree!!