Monday, December 10, 2012


 Recently I made a long over due visit to Bee Haven Acres.
It's always a fun day.

The " Farm house".

The " Guest house".

The wood shed..

This is the view from the front porch..

 The decorations, I'm told, are a work in progress..

Burlap and Hydrangeas..I love the look.

I think she doesn't give herself enough credit.

Her home is always lovely no matter what the season.
Tea and scones were followed later by chicken salad..Yum
(everything was homemade of course.)
After lunch we went to feed the animals.
 I thought a post of 64 pictures
 was a little long so there will be a part two to include the animals. 
To be continued....


Patricia said...

Missy, It's nice to see your photos today. It looks like you had a lovely visit. 64 photos isn't too much... grin!

Jody in Georgia said...

Loved the photos. It looks like such a lovely and serene place to relax and just enjoy being! Am looking forward to seeing the animals!

Beulah said...

It's fun to see the farm. I'm looking forward to the continuation. Was the chicken salad made from one of her chickens? :) I don't think so.