Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This is a continuation of Mondays post and my visit
 to Beehaven Acres.
After lunch we headed out to the barn in the "gator" to feed the animals who were anxiously awaiting our arrival.

Hi Moonbeam!!

Just a little suggestion...
Always take your pictures before they are fed..It's hard to get their heads up when they're eating..

Ginger and  Mary Ann weren't at all interested in me.

We were welcomed by the goats....

and the chickens..

Sam thinks he's a chicken.


Ginger and Mary Ann were treated to peanut butter and celery.
Really ???

They licked the peanut butter off before they ate the celery.

 Bev put this cone out for the donkeys
 hoping to interest them in a game of some sort.

She's letting them know the rules..


What sweet faces...

They don't get fresher than this.

I think this is the prettiest Rooster.

The turkeys were always with us.

The cats all have heat lamps..

Ella Bella's is on top of the refrigerator in the barn.

The definitely can hear them coming.

I guess you could call this a chicken spa..
They were all taking dust baths.

What's a farm without a manure pile or two ?

I had my share of dirt when it was all said and done.

Did you ever wonder why these are called "muck boots"?

Mud wrestling anyone??

Now it's time to go home and take a shower.
(and a nap).

Thanks for your hospitality...It was a lovely day.


Lynne said...

Happy you have a chance to visit these fabulous animals, or pets I should call them. Do you live close to your DIL, SIL?
Are you going to the weekend party. I have no clue how that Bee Haven gal gets everything done! Amazing . . .

Jody in Georgia said...

Thanks for "taking me along" on your trip to the farm. Loved the photos of all the animals! I'm with Lynne...don't know how Bev gets everything done! Wish she could bottle some of that energy and sent it on down here to Georgia!

Beverly said...

You are welcome any time!

Kelly said...

Oh how neat to see all of those beautiful animals! I bet you had the best time. My family would've enjoyed visiting there.

Stephanie said...

Looks like a fabulous day was had & what fabulous photographs - gorgeous animals! x

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

What fun! Bev is such a sweetie and I'll bet you really enjoyed visiting all the critters. Great photos !