Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Not far from here is a combination gift shop/nursery.
I went to visit yesterday 
and will share the nursery/floral/produce part first.

I have always loved the Winterberry shrubs out front.
Like Hollies, you must have a male and a female.
I copied them and had two at my old house.
I may have to try to do it again here.

Ornamental Cabbage is about the only "flower"
 after the mums are done and before Christmas.

They had some Christmas displays.

Call me picky, but this is a big place and I was disappointed  that there weren't more displays..Unusual for them.

It's the week after Thanksgiving and there is usually much more.

There were the usual Christmas Cactus,

and Orchids.

A so so Fairy garden..

I'm not a fan of Blue Poinsettias but that's a personal problem.

There were lots of food stuffs and hard to find mixes..

Jellies , soup , dip mixes and cards.

Their ever present cookies...but slim pickins'.
Maybe it was just timing ???


Patricia said...

I would love to visit a place like that. It looks terrific to me and the shop must be spectacular in better economic times.

Anonymous said...

what a picture spread yu gave to this place! I agree that I have seen it look much more festive..Ann

Beth Ezidro said...

Loved it! Out here in California we have Apple Hill and this reminds me of that I did not get to go this year maybe next year. I would have a blast there it looks very nice. I'm new to these blogs. I have a blog it's Ladybethsblog Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us.