Monday, April 30, 2012


Two weekends ago we were treated
to a much needed rain, we had been very dry.
There were warnings about brush and forest fires.


Saturday and Sunday put those fears to rest.
We had three inches of welcome rain
 and are to get a little more this weekend.

It was spread out over three days so no fear of flooding.

Monday afternoon there were occasional
breaks in the clouds.

It drizzled on and off all day leaving dry times
for walks.

Mollie has her favorite "stick yards".

The owner of this one actually saves these sticks
 in his garage  and gives them to her .
She prances like she has a big prize, chews them up
and spits them out.

This past week promised to be uneventful...

Ophthalmology appointment...




 Planted my geraniums...

With a little , very little, help....


"Can I play too?"


I ended the week with lunches 
with neighbors and friends.


That's it folks...
Weekends are spent cleaning, washing, ironing and just plain catching up...

Friday, April 27, 2012


I was reading
the Bee Haven Mavens blog recently
which was filled with more than the usual
barnyard sounds.
These always seem to get Mollies attention
as do familiar voices.

This was a combination of voices and roosters crowing.

"I hear those Roos....."

"What's Sam doing in there??"

"Here comes Tom Tom..
let me at him ."
At this point, I had to rescue my computer.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's such fun to have such a creative friend..

and she's right next door.


I never know what I'm going
 to find her in the middle of
when Mollie and I stop in for a visit.

These are for her daughters boyfriend..
(husband to be)

Monday, April 23, 2012


" Froggie went a courting
he did go
Uh huh, Uh huh...."

This guy is on a mission.

" I see my target now."

( Bottom left and upper right)

         " I think I'll just sit here and play it cool ".
( lower left- upper right)

After I wrote this,
I looked out at the pond again and there were THREE!

Nine o'clock, twelve o'clock and four o'clock.
Meet the players...

Nine o'clock

Twelve o'clock

Four o'clock

Maybe there will be some tadpoles ??

Friday, April 20, 2012


 I heard a tapping at my front door several weeks ago.
I looked out and saw this duck on my porch.
By the time I got my camera,
she was in the driveway.

 I went out back to check the nest.
Quackers was there keeping her eggs warm.
She's well hidden this year.
In the very center of the picture
you can see her feather pattern.
We may not have any cute baby pictures
as they will be well hidden too.

Mallard  #2 must have heard that 
this is a good place to nest
and decided to check it out.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Each year,
 I look forward to the arrival of springs' birds
as they mix with the "old faithfuls".

This bluebird spent a lot of the day
 pecking at this planter.
I have to wonder what was so good.
Maybe I'm missing something.

The mockingbirds have been around all winter.

Cute little Wren

The finches are turning yellow.
They've been gone all winter.

Mr and Mrs Cardinal
This pair has been here several years.

This guy was blamed for 
the disappearance of the ducklings.

A Coopers Hawk

I think this is some kind of Thrush.

Some times they just stop by for a drink..


It's pretty rare to see a squirrel around here.

Welcome back everyone!!
I enjoy watching your antics.

Monday, April 16, 2012


After more than 24 hours searching
for Quackers and her brood, there they were.

 I was looking out of my living room window
for some sign of duck activity....
any duck activity.
They had been mysteriously gone for almost two days.

 I was very excited to see Momma
with her ten little balls of down.

 Of course I grabbed my camera and headed
down to the little inlet.
(without Mollie)

I kept my distance, took a lot of pictures
and just watched...
These are the best of about twenty pictures.
It was late in the day so the lighting wasn't the best and they are very fast...
darting in and out of the reeds...
Good job Quackers..stay safe. .

Friday, April 13, 2012


Today was one of those strange weather days
that often bring beautiful skies.

The sky looked like snow capped mountains
where there are no mountains.

We had everything from sun, rain, sleet
or hail...To me it was sleet.
Did I forget to mention the winds
 we've had all week???

Nature can be beautiful and these skies changed
in a matter of minutes.
Maybe that's where the expression
"changeable as the weather" comes from.

Speaking of nature...

The ducklings have hatched and gone...
This is the first time in five years
that I missed the hatching
their journey to the wetlands.
I've only been checking the nest each morning
haven't been outside  as much this week.
I hope they are safe and sound.

This Coopers Hawk was on my bird feeder
this afternoon.
I can't help but feel anxious about the ducklings.
I have not seen any ducks, not one anywhere, today.
Very unusual.