Friday, June 29, 2012



Max was paying an unusual amount
of attention to me this morning.


I didn't think too much about it at the time.

 Several hours later when I was cleaning, 
there he was again.

 Oops..his dish was empty...really empty.
Since I moved it to the tub in the guest bathroom,
I tend to forget about it.

I guess he doesn't like looking at
  his picture in the bottom of it.

Ah, that's much better...Thanks Mom.

( After he started to have a hard time jumping to the top of the vanity in my bathroom,
 I had to move his dish to the guest room tub so Mollie wouldn't get it.)

  I've been much happier, in fact, with much less than I have now.. Stuff is stuff.  It can never make you truly happy....

Have a wonderful weekend !! Stay cool :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This past weekend Mollie and I headed to 
West Virginia to visit  Ann and Joe .

We spent the time just "hanging out" and eating.

 Joe has this "water feature" out front.
It had stones in the top of it which he removed
because the robins were using it as a bird bath.
He thought the turbulence of the water would be a deterrent.

What do you think???
I call it a "birdie bidet".
(Pardon the picture ..I had to take it through the window.)

When I took Mollie for a walk this baby deer was lying in the middle of the road..
At first, I thought it was hurt.
 When it saw us, it scampered off in to the woods, returning later following it's mother.
Apparently the Moms take them to some trees or shrubbery and leave them, coming back for them later in the day. This little guy just wasn't going to be left. She tried to leave him again and he followed after her..Then we lost track.  

Deer are everywhere and eat everything !!!
This is from the dining room window..

From the living room....

Mollie likes to play with Jazz and her toys.
She slept a lot on this visit..

When Jazz "goes for a walk", she usually takes one of her toys with her.
She always carries them the same way....
Feet to the left and head to the right..
They often get left in the woods.

We enjoyed ourselves..Thanks for having us !!

Monday, June 25, 2012


They're still out and about.
There's no sign of a second nest yet.
Five ducklings out of the original nine have survived.

"Oops, she caught us. We'd better scram."
(These two males were swimming in my pond)

               My neighbors were taking advantage 
           of a very windy day.

The first water lily of the season.

Flowers are so pretty this time of year.
No matter how hard I try,
I can't keep them looking like this all summer.

"Here I am Mollie, come get me!!" 

The mailman brought me a present.

It's a pillow from my cyber pal Patty
 at Lemon Lane Cottage.. 
It's so did she know my sofa colors??
Could it be more perfect??
Thanks Patty..

Karen Valentine of "My Desert Cottage" is hosting her 4th annual blog party. Join me and hundreds of other bloggers in sharing our creative spaces.
Incidentally, if your blog needs tweaking, she would be the one to do it !! 

Friday, June 22, 2012


Goodness it's hot and humid !
I'm sitting here dripping. I hate that feeling.
( I just walked Mollie.)

At least she gets to wear an "ice collar".
The melting ice dripping down her chest seems to help keep her coolish.

 The Hydrangeas are a real barometer of the heat.
Tomorrow morning they will have perked up only to wilt again..They don't need water.

The bird bath has been busy today too.

One more day and back to normal (hopefully).
The weekend is to be back in the 80's and lower humidity...Yay.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The weather forecast was for "pop up" showers yesterday and today.
I needed to treat my lawn for grubs so 
I mowed and hoped.
Grub treatment needs to be "watered in".

This looked like a good possibility so I loaded up my spreader and zipped around my 1500 SF.

While I was waiting,
I diverted my rain barrel downspouts to "fill".

Nothing left to do but to wait...


The rain barrel is full again..


An added bonus..not too impressive
 but always welcome.
Life is good....

Monday, June 18, 2012


Yesterday I took a little ride to "the farm" known to
 many as Bee Haven Acres.
Being Sunday it was an easy traffic, and I even made almost all the traffic lights.
I wish I could have stopped along the Juniata to take some pictures.
It was a very clear day and there is some very pretty
scenery along the way.
When I got there, I was just in time for their traditional Sunday morning farm breakfast..
Lucky me!! 

 Omelets with lots of homegrown veggies,home made
strawberry-rhubarb jam, toast, a veggie mix of mushrooms, cauliflower, kale, tomatoes and other stuff :), toast, and home grown berries. A breakfast fit for a king (or a farmer).

 After breakfast, we busied ourselves washing and sorting eggs after which they were placed 
 in their cartons.

Bev whipped up a cake..Oops, no picture.

We ran out of labels so we just made some more.
Bee Haven Acres has it all !! 

 On the way home, I stopped at the barn for some photo ops.

 The potting shed has had a face lift.
Notice the stars hanging from the ceiling.
No corner of this property is forgotten.

Does your garden shed look like this??
So cute...

 Even the garden is lovely..neat..loved.

I love to visit the farm..
The animals were having their mid-day siesta.
Thanks B&J for your hospitality.

Friday, June 15, 2012


This past weekend ,
my sister and I headed to Manhattan
to visit my good friend and ex neighbor..

Amtrak was the "only way to go".

It was nice to have the time with my sister.

We got there early in the afternoon,
just in  time to enjoy a "girls" party
of clothes and jewelry, good food and drink.
The "boys" were out fishing. 

There were games too !!

It was a very warm day so I spent some time 
on her roof top terrace overlooking the Hudson enjoying the view and the nice breezes.

Everyone enjoyed Bibi's custom made,
one of a kind dresses and skirts.


The party broke up late in the my sister and I went out for a nice dinner and back to the hotel.

The next morning we went out for breakfast,
sitting in a window overlooking this intersection.
I love to "people watch".

back to the hotel to get our luggage
 and off to Penn Station to "catch" the train home.

The return train had recliner like leg rests 
and lots of  room between the seats.
There was even food available...
We had a fun time but..there's no place like home.

I missed you two...
Thanks, Eileen for including us.