Friday, August 31, 2012


This area at the end of my driveway
between the street and the sidewalk has been driving me crazy. I'm sure there is nothing but stone under it.
It has been sodded , seeded, top soiled, etc. but after a great start in the spring, it never makes it through the summer so I have decided to brick in just that end.
Finding the bricks around here was quite an adventure. I was pretty sure that if I was creative enough, I would be able to find the amount that I needed.

I need to dismantle my "pond cabinet".
I no longer have fish in my pond so I don't need all this stuff..I can use the blocks under it to replace the bricks under one of my rain barrels.
(Robbing  Peter to pay Paul)

Of course, I had to empty the rain barrel to get to the bricks.

 After I took the cabinet apart,
 I had three piles..One trash, another was pond stuff that would go in the garage with other pond supplies to be disposed of at a later date.

 I still needed a few things for the pond.
Those things were placed in the box that my brother in law made for my filter.

There were a couple of towels in there  that I rinsed out and added to the filter box.

  It looks a lot better now without that cabinet.

I managed to find enough blocks and bricks to fill the space.

 They don't have to match and they'll be level.
The uneven end will be facing the remaining grass, like fingers in to the grass..
I hadn't gotten around to doing it when I put my
house on the market. My realtor said not to I didn't..Need any bricks?? 
"This N That" will be back next Wed.
Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yesterday the mailman  brought me a fun package from Chrislyn at Spiritdog Studios.

Apparently I was a winner in her contest..Lucky me!
A tin was full of goodies....
hand stamped towels, pretty coasters, a wonderful smelling candle and a darling bee picture.
What a treasure..Thanks, Chrislyn 

Monday, August 27, 2012


Ones life could be divided in to "Chapters".
I am about to begin another chapter in my life.

I am preparing to move to a Retirement Community which will require serious downsizing.

Cozy?  Don't you just love the trees?

Friday, August 24, 2012


 It's peach season and this is when I tend to visit
the local markets more than usual.

There are fields of flowers where you may go pick your own or....

 I'm going to look like a peach pretty soon.

Jars of Jams and Jellies..

Such pretty colors.. cherries too...

 If it can be "canned" or is in season, you can find it .

Their corn is the best..I try to stay away from it because I haven't learned to eat it without salt and dripping in butter...Yum..

Another section that I try to avoid.

One can get an old fashioned milk shake at their ice cream counter..I had one last year..It was excellent.

The displays are beautiful..not a blemish to be seen.

I guess there is something nice about summer   
after all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


As I age (gracefully of course) ,
I find that I must get up several times at night to go to the bathroom. When I return to bed, I often find THIS !!!

Right in the middle of MY three pillows where I sleep.
Her head where mine was..What to do??
Don't ask me if I made her move  :) 

The next day we were given a gift of a cloudy day in the 70's so Mollie and I spent the day out on the front porch..I was either on the phone or the computer. She  spent the day watching the world go by. 
At one point, I got up to get another cup of coffee
and ...

Here we go again..
She had moved from her chair to mine..silly girl.

While we were out there, one of my neighbors, of whom she is particularly fond , stopped by for a visit.
She's normally not much of a lap dog but when Beulah comes over, Mollie's in her lap and giving her welcoming kisses..I'm glad Beulah doesn't mind.

Monday, August 20, 2012


 I was in my kitchen the other night when I heard a sound outside that reminded me of my childhood..
It was the sound of a calliope...
It was an ice cream truck !!! Reminder of  the old days at the shore when I was growing up.

The truck would come around every evening after supper and we would run out to greet it with our pennies and nickels in our little hands..

One could hear the music from blocks away..
It is the same sound playing Christmas carols and movie themes..I'm told that it comes through the neighborhood every Sunday evening. It sure brought back some memories.
I'll bet that the kiddies aren't running out with nickels and pennies!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Jasmine , aka Jazz, is my sisters dog
who is "visiting" while they are in Niagara Falls.

 I have given up on my house for this week.
I can remember my father threatening to bring a jar of dirt to my apartments. ."It's just so sterile." he would say.

 I guess he would have been happy to see my house in its present condition.
 The kitchen floor gets a little slippery.

These two can get pretty rambunctious so Max usually stays out of harms way..
Jazz doesn't bother with him though.

 I put a chair across the basement stairs.
 I don't know if Jazz has an affinity for kitty litter.
 I have cherry red carpet down there and she sheds.
Max and Mollie can come and go through the legs.

 I walk them separately even though Mollie thinks she can walk Jazz.

Before I go to bed I do a house check.
Last night these two were busy looking out in to the dark for who knows what.

Jazz had gone to bed around eight o'clock which is her custom.

Morning comes and we start the routine all over again.

I walk them separately because I'm not sure about Jazz and other dogs. I would hate to have both of them with me and have to control her..She's strong.


"So tired. It's nice to have company
 but it's not so bad when they go home. I know we'll see each other again soon."

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Moon makes 6th Olympic ring 

That's all there is folks.
What a wonderful event
 for all of these athletes and their countries.

They are all winners just for having been there.

Renewing old acquaintances, making new friends, more than "just" winning medals, it's an experience that will stay with them throughout their lives.

The excitement shows..

Missy Franklin....swimming USA

Broad smiles..The women outdid themselves.

The women's soccer team..USA
Beaming, Happy faces...
What memories they have made and when the competitions are over, the medals all handed out, everyone  is joined  together in an enormous celebration of fellowship with entertainment by some of the best names in the entertainment field. 

John Lennon

Anni Lenox
(someone needs to explain this to me)

After this, it lost my interest..too loud and it was time for bed..I guess I'm showing my age. I sometimes think the ceremonies can be a little "strange'.

In the big picture ,
it's really about so much more than this.

I envy their energy and resolve.
They have earned the right to be proud!!
They done great!!!