Monday, December 31, 2012


This past Saturday
we experienced our third snowfall
of the  winter week.

We had "only" four inches and  was over by
mid afternoon.

It was a "powdered sugar" snow,
light and fluffy.

 Mollie loves being outside in most all weather,
so we took a long walk around our neighborhood.

It was beautiful and serene.

I'm glad we took the opportunity yesterday because today is cold and blustery.
There is no snow left on the trees..

 Max, Mollie and I 
wish you all the best in 2013..

Friday, December 28, 2012


This is a post that I wrote a week or so ago..(just in case)
 You might say "it's a little leftover Christmas ".
When I moved,
 the movers jammed my tree into this corner of my garage....

 I wondered at the time if the lights would ever work again.

 Ta Da...No harm done..

 I didn't move many of my decorations..
Storage space is at a premium.

Little by little as I'm going through boxes looking for ribbon and wrapping paper, I'm finding "stuff".
At least when I put it away, it will all be together. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas day was spent in Millerstown with my stepdaughter , her husband and family.


 "The kids."


After... (obviously) .

The dogs and the chickens get the leftovers.
These leftovers are nothing to sneeze at.

It was a good day spent with family.
Now the eating can STOP !!
( I had carrot cake for breakfast ).


I am fortunate in that I have two places to be for Christmas. 
(better than having no place to go??)
West Virginia is my first stop to visit my sister
 and her husband .

 This is Joe's Charlie Brown tree..

Don' you think this would make
 a cute Christmas card?

 Each year we pass this snow globe back and forth.
This time it was Ann's time to give it so she brought it up to my house this fall so it could go to auction with the other stuff and we'd be rid of it.
But I rescued it !!!

It's baaack!!

 She has the prettiest hands..
(teachers hands vs nurses hands)?

"What ?? It's time to open my present??"

"What ever could it be?"

 " This Christmas stuff is fun."

 " I guess I'll share with Jazz".

Silly ears...

It started to snow after I got home but it's supposed to stop in time for leg two of my Christmas...
I hope you all had a safe and Merry Christmas.

The snowplows ran up and down this stree
FOUR times five minutes after I took this picture.

Monday, December 24, 2012


I'd like to wish each and everyone of you a very merry Christmas.  

Re-pinned from Pinterest

Be safe.

Friday, December 21, 2012


This is the gift shop part of the previous post.

There were two rooms of these kinds of  "dolls".

I've gotten rid of most of these kinds of things..They're cute but very expensive and I'm storing a lot less these days.

Santa has real looking eyes, I think.

I didn't dare look at the price of these.

I love Grandpa in his night shirt.

Several years ago, they lost their Hive.
It seems to be thriving now.

The fish look healthy as well..
Last spring the water looked like pea soup. 
So glad it cleared up.

Did you ever see Lions Head Bunnies?
Aren't they just adorable?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Not far from here is a combination gift shop/nursery.
I went to visit yesterday 
and will share the nursery/floral/produce part first.

I have always loved the Winterberry shrubs out front.
Like Hollies, you must have a male and a female.
I copied them and had two at my old house.
I may have to try to do it again here.

Ornamental Cabbage is about the only "flower"
 after the mums are done and before Christmas.

They had some Christmas displays.

Call me picky, but this is a big place and I was disappointed  that there weren't more displays..Unusual for them.

It's the week after Thanksgiving and there is usually much more.

There were the usual Christmas Cactus,

and Orchids.

A so so Fairy garden..

I'm not a fan of Blue Poinsettias but that's a personal problem.

There were lots of food stuffs and hard to find mixes..

Jellies , soup , dip mixes and cards.

Their ever present cookies...but slim pickins'.
Maybe it was just timing ???