Friday, December 27, 2013


 The girl that walks Mollie on occasion stopped by yesterday.
She had gifts for Mollie and Max.
Mollie was very appreciative...Max not so much.

You see, Max never is allowed to keep his toys.
He managed to bat this little ball around for a few seconds.
After that, Miss Mollie took over (as usual) .

It would be fun to see them play with it together.
They both put Beckham to shame.
Super paw work.

Eventual centerpiece.

Mr Cardinal lives here...

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
Have fun returning all those Christmas gifts this weekend. 

I'll be back on the 1st with a New Years giveaway to celebrate
the beginning of my fourth year of blogging.

Have a safe New Years celebration. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Last Sunday I went up to Bee Haven Acres to spend 
some holiday time with my family.
There are two entrances but I always go in by the barn
to say Hi to whatever animals are out.
I can almost always count on Moonbeam.
It was a miserable day albeit a warm one. 
I think the dry lot has become a lot of mud...Yuk.

 This was the scene on my arrival.
Tyler (my great grandson..Yikes) was busy stacking chips.

Don't tell anyone but he had a little help here, but just a little.

 Ashley and Amanda were talking girl talk.
Of course Oakley had to be in the middle of things.

 The "boys"  were busy playing one of the many available games.

Presents under the tree soon to be opened.

Oakley again...on Ryans lap.
He's pretty big for a lap dog.

Leaving so soon???
I skipped out early so I could drive home before it got dark.


 Of course, I had to stop and say goodbye.
"The littles"...Red and Ollie

"Donny Brasco" or "Scarlet"...I think Donny ?
It's hard to tell from this picture.
Sorry, but I don't have any treats for you.

Bye "Moonie"..Merry Christmas..
He's beginning to show his age a little, I think.
Maybe it's his winter coat.
Til next time....It was great to see everyone..

We wish you the merriest, the merriest !!

All the best to you and yours this Christmas Day.
Have a wonderful Holiday.

Missy, Mollie and Max.

Monday, December 23, 2013


When I moved last year I only brought
"a few of my favorite things" with me  to decorate with.
I have no place to keep it.
This sleigh used to be on my dining room table. 

Everyone must have a Santa hat...

Especially Santa...

I change this arrangement each season.

What's winter without a sled??

Or Frosty..

That's it folks !!!
Hope you're all ready for Santa
 and that you were all good little boys and girls this year.

Friday, December 20, 2013

NO WAY !!!

I think I would have to choose unemployment over this job.

He's way up there and carrying a chain saw.. 
and  much higher when I first saw him.
The crotch of this tree is over 6'.

He was up there jumping up and down on limbs
 to see how sturdy they were .

When I saw him, he was descending.

It was in the mid thirties and very windy when these were taken.
I guess some body has to do it. 

Hopefully he won't run in to one of these.
I guess it's cold enough.. so no worry.

They started working on this old Oak at 8 AM..
It soon became obvious that they weren't just thinning it out.

Apparently its acorns are the problem...
Several sprained ankles, a fall, dents in roofs of cars and a twice flooded  basement due to gutters being clogged with acorns.

The property "owner" said he was also a bit of a tree hugger
 but enough was enough.


It will be replaced with a 15 foot Dogwood.
Not quite the same but it's a tree.
This was a seven hour job.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


A friend sent this to me and I just had to share it.
Loved it.

Knowing how cats love to lie on paper,
I can see Max lying still for this...Really.
Gotta be quick though.
...cute comments.
Now you know how to wrap one (just in case).


Monday, December 16, 2013


After a late start it came on like gang busters.
1-2 inches an hour.
This is just the beginning.
We've had two little "storms" that totaled three inches.

 "Virgin" snow.
I guess Mollie and I
 were the only ones crazy enough to be out there.
It's hard to believe that this is not a black and white photo.


I love walking in new snow.
It's so quiet and peaceful right now.
The plows came ten minutes later and haven't stopped.
I hope we have some streets left in the AM.


"Yup Mom, I love playing in the snow too."


This is what I saw from my bedroom window
Sun AM when I climbed  leaped out of bed.

 Three inches of snow...

Not the eight that was predicted.


 Mollie and I, once again, were the only ones stirring.

 We took our usual walk around the ball field.

The walking was a little difficult because of the crust on the snow.
We had a little rain on top of the snowfall.

Mollie had her nose in every animal track 
and there were lots of them out there.


 These branches are happy that we only got a few inches.


Have a wonderful week..